Fabulous results begin with a fabulous team!
Fabulous results begin with a fabulous team!
Whether you're updating a charming cottage on the lake, remodeling an urban loft, renovating a historic home or building a new house, Magerie Interior Design has the experience, expertise and the energy to help you achieve dazzling results. With every project, Margerie and her team bring a signature mix of boundless creativity, endless vivacity and keen attention to detail to create one-of-a-kind living spaces that look and feel fabulous.
Eletha Dawn Whitney
Creative Director

Well-known for her own energy, enthusiasm, and joie de vivre, Eletha infuses houses, lofts, farmhouses, beach houses, and cottages with her own brand of Pizzazz. A classically trained designer with a lifelong passion for art, architecture, fashion, travel, cooking, and culture, Margerie joyfully channels English country house comfort, Modernist purity, 1970s hedonism, Far Eastern exoticism, and other influences to create rooms that charm, delight, dazzle, and enchant.

From careers in visual merchandising, and fashion, to interior design, making things beautiful has always been her line of work. Educated in interior Design, Art History, and Design thinking, Eletha uses her background to create distinctive living environments while effortlessly balancing elegance with exuberance and glamour with gutsiness. Layering spaces with color and attitude is her M.O. Ambitious and versatile, Eletha works on full-service custom residential, commercial, and hospitality projects worldwide

A true tastemaker with a deep passion for design, Eletha loves everything from the first sketch to the last tassel.

Samantha B Weinberg
Design Director

Samantha B Weinberg is an award winning, multifaceted Graphic Designer and Art Director. She has over 20 years of industry experience with advertising, visual communication and design. She holds a BA in Advertising as an Art director and an MFA in Graphic Design. She's ambitious and passionate about everything creative – especially typography, digital solutions and branding for both new and existing brands.

In 2008, Samantha B Weinberg founded Company 5.19, a Creative Studio Agency specializing in building brands & digital experiences. As a Design Director, sheo has overseen integrated advertising campaigns across emerging channels, TV, print, digital and social as well leading rebranding and design efforts for large-scale, corporate identity systems. In working directly with clients she developed strong relationships to deliver strategic and emotionally-resonant creative that also successfully achieves business goals. Samantha offers strategic thinking for marketing advertising initiatives.

Samantha has an incomparable strength in leading a creative team through a variety of projects across all platforms in digital, UI/UX responsive design and print. He is skilled in hiring, training, supervising and mentoring talent.

Verlindon Harris
Strategic Fashion Designer

Meetings, mood boards and strategy are all in a day’s work having designed for various multinational fashion organizations. I’m a creative forward-thinking designer with over 10 years experience in the apparel industry combined with 5 years experience in creative business strategies, direction, branding and product development. I’m convinced that my level of professionalism, good work ethic, responsibility, motivation, and personal energy has helped me become a devoted and highly productive individual.